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The Budgie Emergency: Our radio play filmed inside a multi-track studio.

The joke at around the 50 second mark is still really shit.

This show is great.

Some old Pokémon Y photos I had on my SD card that I hadn’t done anything with yet. I enjoyed experimenting with the awful depth of field effect but hated how little freedom you were given in how far the camera could be moved away from your character.


Hey guys, remember us? We’re the MH podcast that says “um” and “like” way too much and talks about weird stuff like gourds and butts!  After our long hiatus, we SLOWLY get back into hunting by picking on small guys like the Royal Ludroth, getting killed by a duo of Wroggi, and ultimately taking down a Rust Duramboros.

Be sure to check out Adam Evanko’s tumblr if you haven’t seen it already for tons of MH4 news and loads of numbers-driven tips.

'Hey, have you ever heard of Monster Hunter?' is one of the best ice-breakers I've ever heard.

My friend started breeding Pokémon for IVs. The Departure.

I see a grand future in the way of documentary-style writing done with the use of Wii U’s photography feature.

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Koji Kondo & Toru Minegishi,
Majora's Mask

Probably 15 year old me playing on my keyboard awfully and passing it off as ‘music’. The things you find on your parent’s computer.


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Carly Johnstone,
The Moth (Wednesday, 4 Dec 2013)

One of my favourite stories from a recent episode.

Please do listen to The Moth. It’s gorgeous.